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What are your FAVORITE things about CodeCombat?


Hi everyone,

I’m David and I work at CodeCombat. Wanted to get some thoughts from on what you like most about CodeCombat? All answers are helpful.

Thanks in advance!



First of all, I like the way complicated things like programming skills are explained and given in funny and quite easy to understand manner)


i am 10 years old. I am only about 3/4 of the way through Sarven Desert and these are some of the things I like so far.

The awesome gear and variety of equipment to choose from
Slaughtering munchkins and making piles of dead ogres
Ogres flying across the screen when bashing them with the viking helmet on
The hints are very helpful
Code Combat makes learning to code fun and easy
Levels are challenging but not so hard that they can’t be figured out
Being a subscriber, I like the repetition of some concepts to help remember them
A wide variety of enemies
A wide variety of heroes to choose from
The funny stuff the characters say when running the code
Multi-player levels


My favorite thing is the fact that CoCo is a learning environment that simulates a game so it makes learning fun. Spells are fun but so are the warriors. The subtle attention to detail is nice like the things the ogres and peasants say while the code is running. Things like that add a lot to the entertainment value.


(20 characters lolol)


It describes how things would work in coding in a different way. Sure, pets are good, and the spells are good too, but in the end, it matters what you learned, and if you learned it carefully so that you could see if you did this “correctly”

i like the multiplayer arenas the most, in a different topic.


I like how it teaches up precisely step by step in a fun and a challenging way that let’s us love programming more and makes us think more. :wink:


I also like the the bonus things like survive for 60 seconds. I like completing those.

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In addition to what @Seojin_Roy_Lee and @Chaboi_3000 said, in multiplayer levels like Zero Sum and Backwoods Treasure, where there is no one way to win, CodeCombat encourages programmers to think outside the box by coming up with creative and strategic ways to beat the AI and other players, as well as learn from other players’ tactics in order to improve their own. And on replayable levels, which get gradually harder, players learn to upgrade their solutions.

Bonus goals like these encourage programmers to strive for the best too! :smiley:


I like the fun way it teaches code and I especially like the things the peasants say when you’re doing a level. Also the multiplayer and replayable levels.
Thanks 4 being such a good game :blush:.


Everything lol

except sometimes i do get stuck for a while, but that’s to be expected.


Whooaaaa! that is a lot of emojis


yup, it is a lot. [im so proud]

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I like the fun explanations given for coding. I also like that it engages you, instead of a boring coding game like Snake. Also, I agree with @Alexbrand.


I appreciate the learning progression: go through basic concepts with most code provided and slowly pull back the help until we are writing our own in the next couple of levels. The repetition (particularly for those who subscribe) allows us to be confident about the code we write. I also like that we are not locked into one correct answer. Just picking a different hero will force you to modify your code that in the end strengthens your skill. As we improve, we understand better/cleaner ways to write code and can still use any approach to accomplish the task. Both the multiplayer levels and challenge levels push the learning curve in a positive way. Keep it up!