Multiplayer vs Singleplayer

When I first started Multiplayer I was completely blown away(In a bad and good way).
I was about halfway through the forest campaign and started multiplayer it was so different that it took me a very long time to work out how multiplayer worked. Maybe making multiplayer more like singleplayer or vice-versa

Why would you do that? (Almost) All singleplayer levels try to teach you something, where Multiplayer is the actual game. Try to use the knowledge you gained in Singleplayer to compete in Multiplayer. Remeber, most users know exactly as much as you do. Of course, there are professional programmers, but I can say you one thing:

They use exactly the same tools as you do

They simply are more used to these tools, and as such can use them more intuivly. Training is the key. CodeCombat is all nice and good, but let’s be honest… If you stop now and return in 3 Month, would you remeber anything?
You can only learn to programm if you programm. And if you have something to measure yourself against, be happy. You actually get the chance to show the world and yourself that you not only typed some letters into a blank box, but actually produced something that can not just beat a computer, but can win against the code from other humans. When you notice that more and more players beat you, you try something new in your code, and get back to conquering the TOP 1000, then the TOP 100 and maybe even the TOP 10.

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Feinty, also, if there are any particular elements that you remember being confusing in multiplayer, please let me know–perhaps we can ease that transition a bit with interface changes or guiding hints.

The reason I was so confused was because the fact that you on indirectly control the battle you cant control it by yourself(you cant control a hero)

Oh, are you talking about the old multiplayer levels and not the new hero-based multiplayer levels? Yeah, those are very different indeed…

That depends on the game-mode. Play Cavern Combat in the Dungeon-Area. Direct PvP, may the better one win.

Actually it’s the one with the better Equipment. Can’t have everything, but I’m sure this problem will be solved shortly.

Im talking about the levels like greed and cris cross