What happened the levels?

Why are all the levels now suddenly uncompleted? They were all completed so why is it saying otherwise?

this happened in the mountains, forest, and dungeons well. What is the problem!

I’ve experienced that too. In two different locations so I know it’s not the connection on my end. Simulations have stopped in both locations as well. It says, “No games to simulate. Trying another game in 10 seconds.” It’s been like that for a few hours now. Seems like there’s some major issues going on.

BTW, I’ve experienced these issues on 3 different computers at two different locations. One of the locations is a business with a 20 meg connection. All of them exhibit the same symptoms. This just started yesterday afternoon. A really long lag when loading game (usually around 45 seconds but sometimes over a minute) and not able to simulate games.

UPDATE: Loading is much faster today but still can’t simulate. It seems to load the page properly but always produces, “No games to simulate. Trying another game in 10 seconds.”