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What is "PicoCTF"?


I noticed on the level editor that there are levels that lead to a map called PicoCTF. What is this? Please help.

Endercore79 :smile:


Could you elaborate more and give examples of the levels and how they “lead to a map”?

I’m guessing this is the map:

I’m not sure what the purpose is, but it shows that it’s possible to have more maps (the title text for the world select refers to them as Campaigns) with their own collections of levels. The achievement about level systems could be related to this. Those levels you found must have been from this particular campaign.
What does this mean? If we can create our own maps, then people could go beyond single levels and make entire campaigns. They’re a good way of grouping levels together.

I recall there being another campaign for the Chief Artisan audition levels:

^ I played them all, so now I’m around 40 levels closer to the 500 levels achievement. Few actually require flags though.

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Interesting. I will investigate more on this.



Necroing a post. Sorry about that.

Anyways, ‘PicoCTF’ is a coding competition, so here’s my hypothesis.

CodeCombat will be hosting PicoCTF!

@nick did I get that right? Please keep us informed!

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Im so sorry for necroposting, but what commands are there in picoctf


There are no current commands in PicoCTF, making the levels unplayable. This was from Nick a while ago.


oh, ok. I’m sad. But okay. Thanks for the help.