Does Code Combat teach Cyber Security

While I am aware that Code combat teaches Computer Science principals and Programing, both of which form a solid base for starting to learn Cyber Security, I am curious if Code Combat does, or will ever, teach Cyber Security.

I love the in game learning platform, and probably spend more time playing educational games than studying for my functional skills…

I would love to see a Cyber security course on Code Combat that is both gamified and teaches compTIA A+, penTesting, EH, Cybsec and networking concepcts.

This type of learning platform is so useful to neuro-diverse, adults like myself, with unique learning methods.

I do not see why the company shouldn’t expand their course offerings to other subject areas related to the various fields of computing.

//Gamified course on AI design and machine learning ?

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at this point no codecombat does not have cyber security and although it would be cool i don’t think it ever will because codecombats way of gamification would not work well for cyber security

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The picoctf world (if you don’t what it is just look it up it’s somewhere in the forums) would be perfect for teaching cybersecurity. The theme just fits right in I feel.

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Do you mean ozaria that’s the only other curriculum codecombat makes unless you count the Roblox gam

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Long story short it’s kind of just a secret world or smth for the code combat campaign.

Link: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript


I think it was just a proto type of ozaria which is basically codecombat but you can’t hit things with swords which is lame

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I stumbled onto the first level looking through the level editor levels and I thought it was just some random player-created level. :laughing:


same :laughing:

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picoCTF is Carnegie Mellon University’s really famous cybersecurity contest. I assume CoCo was trying to do some sort of partnership with them to integrate CTF-like content in the game, but it was never finished.

In the later stages of the game(Mountain & Glacier), there are some levels that cover basic cryptography, etc. More levels like that are expected to be released sometime, too. :+1: