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What is the code ninja


I’ve been looking around the thang editor and I saw something called the code ninja.

Is this a new type of hero which is going to come out later? Also why is it called the code ninja.


Only our partners playing through can get access to this hero; if there’s one in your area, you can sign up there for in-person classes.


What are his abilities?


The nearest one in my area is 180 miles away.


I’ve defeated the code ninja. I think Nick uses one. If this is a picture of the code ninja, then I’ve defeated one. Is it?

What’s that hero i’m fighting? The code ninja?


Wait, who’s Gordon? (He’s the hero nick is using)


It’s a stalwart, type warrior, released 2 weeks ago, and no, this is NOT the code ninja.


He doesn’t seem to have any price, shield, abilities that I could find.


I think that he would have phase-shift, since he’s a ninja and has more stealth, throw, although I don’t know what he’ll throw, and maybe a backstabing item as replacement of the shield.