MOC levels (My Own Creation)

Hello, there! This is a topic where you can share ANY level(s) that you have created!

Here’s one I made:

Also, here’s another one:

By any do you mean in game dev, level editor, or both?

Everything! (both) 20 char

Hmmm…I don’t know King Raider. This is why we have the artisan topics. I’m not sure we need it all in one topic. @Chaboi_3000, what do you think?

What does that mean?

People who create levels. Artisan and Adventurer are both categories.

Do they mean the same thing?

Um, that’s actually something I would like to know too…

No artisans are people who make levels and adventurers are people who test the levels.


Ohh… Ok. (20 characters)

@Deadpool198, this topic isnt necassary. Please close. :slight_smile:

Can the creator of a topic delete the topic? (I want to learn how to close my topics)

No. (20 chars)

Nice games however. I just played.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: (20 characters)

nice game (20 chars)


…you just asked them to close this topic. But now you’re posting in it. @Deadpool198, should we close this or not?

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Yeah ok I was being a hypcrit. Sorry

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Aw man… I wanted to try the hard game! :frowning:

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