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What is the difference between saving and saving as a major revision?


So I have uploaded the level to the server, but have a few questions about the way saving works:

.1. Before you upload I understand that the editor just saves a local copy is that correct? Meaning that if I clear my local browser cache it will delete any changes or levels that were created but not uploaded.

.2. What is the difference between saving the level and saving the level as a major revision?

.3. Once uploaded do all saves commit to the server?

.4. Might there ever be a time when the system doesn’t save to the server and how can you validate that your local copy is not the same as the server version?


.1 Yes. Also if you change from direct to the usual then changes are stored for them separatly.

.2 I suppose only a version number. But I’m not sure. Let’s call @Catsync

.3 If you clicked “Save” - then yes. If you use non-direct URL to play, then it can be some delay before you’ll see changes.

.4 I’m not sure that I got it correctly. You can try to “revert” the level and exactly after “saving” there should be “No changes”.


The “New Major Version” thing, I forget what it was originally intended for, but we never use it now. :slight_smile:

Bryukh is correct about the other stuff, changes are stored in your browser’s localStorage until you use the “Save” button to save them to the server, and “Revert” to discard them.


Thank you both. I will avoid using the additional save feature.