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Patching and editing questions


There are achievements for submitting patches and for editing articles, levels, and level components. What is the difference between editing and submitting a patch? What about between a level and a level component?

How does accepting patches work? I can’t accept a patch for a level I didn’t write, can I?

About a month ago, I submitted a patch for the Python article. After several weeks, it had been neither accepted nor rejected, so I withdrew it and submitted it as several smaller patches. These have not been, either. How often are article patches reviewed?


Actually, I don’t get around to reviewing the article patches very often, since we don’t yet show the articles in the game (we will at some point). I just reviewed and accepted your patch.

Editing means saving directly, which you can only do for something you created (unless you’re an admin). Otherwise, your edits are submitted as a patch. The one exception is adding new translations, which you can do without a patch.

Level Components are building blocks that you put onto Thangs to make them behave differently in a level. They contain most of the game engine logic.