What junk / useless stuff is in your house?

Fun fact: If you think about it, most of the junk in our homes comes forgotten and is a lost artifact of mind.

So I wonder what junk there is in your homes that you don’t use?

my brother :skull: (20 charsss)


thats just

As your brother is not an item, that does not count

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he never said item he just asked for useless stuff in your house

“stuff” refers to items

anyway, the loads of plushies in my store room

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my brother is so annoying he barly qualifys as humann so i think suff applys to him


All the random childhood toys in my basement

ok so i have this random appletun pokemon card i got last year from a junior in my band, it was in my and bag for the entire marching season and somehow managed to survive my extremly messed up locker, i have it on my night stand now and im pretty sure its not even close to a PSA 8 atp, cuz it smells like potato chips i think. but its cute nonetheless…
Pokemon APPLETUN V 026/264 Fusion Strike - ULTRA RARE HOLO - MINT

HE BARELY QUALIFIES AS HUMAN im sorry thats so funny,

My cat doesn’t do to much except eat and sleep. But in reality probs a punch of old practise tests from when I was younger.

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My little sister counts bc she only plays on my PS4 or one of her Nintendo switches and complains about being out of shape/ not having friends. get her out please

My lil bro usually complains cuz I’m on the computer. And right now I’m on it alot cuz I have a broken wrist and for some reason he thinks it’s unfair

Womp womp to him then, crippled needs catering

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He wants everything the be “fair” but only if he doesn’t get what I get. Also his definition of fair is equal

THats not how fiar works lil bro

and that’s not how to spell fair either

Uh uh uh uh uh uh huh yes way uh huh