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What video tutorials?

I just found the forum. I had a question about a new level with arrays. When looking up the question on the forum, people ask have you used the video tutorial? So that is my question: What video tutorials?


probaly youtube vids

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Actually, I am a subscriber, and have been searching for these as well. I found three or so, maybe, really excellent videos that made me contact my bro to suck my young nephews into interest in this game (as a secret to sneak them into coding before school introduces it!!), but, have since been unable to find the level references/resources and video tutorials that lay the foundational understanding and comprehension for each subsequent task. (I have been able to find the teaching outlines and educator resources regarding presentation of thoughtful approaches and structuring of activities, but not the actual informative coding breakdown…maybe it has not yet been finalized and released, perhaps?)

If you find out anything, let me know!

Great question!

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