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What? You can this.attack(this);?


How come when you type this.attack(this); you attack yourself?

loop {

It actually comes out funny to me!


This is a buggy behavouir


Sounds like it’s doing exactly what it should be doing :smile:


No ones stopping you to stab yourself. I mean it’s your HP, you can do whatever you want with them, and if you choose to suicide, who am I to stop you? You can also cleave yourself.

I am unsure if you can bash yourself… It would make sense that you can target yourself, but in which direction will you be knocked back?


Hello and welcome to this forum.

We are a friendly and open-minded community. Sadly (or luckily?), we are no mindreaders, and we are not able to do multi-tasking.

  1. Please open a new topic for a new problem. This way, if in the future someone searches for “I need help with the trials” he/she can find the correct topic immediatly.
  2. Though I can guess from your formulation that you ran into some kind of problem, I am not able to determine which problem you’ve got. Is there a problem with your code? With the level? With your account? With life in general?


EDIT: I just saw that you already opened a new topic about the trials. Mea culpa.

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