Fighting myself? lol

Is this a bug or intended? It would seem I fought myself in a ladder battle. (and kicked my own ass, or my own ass got kicked? it’s both!)


Loss Kevin Holland 13 minutes ago Defeat the ogres

It is intended. You can submit different characters/code for Humans and Ogres teams. So your character from one team will occasionally fight your character from another.

ohhhh completely forgot about that. that makes sense!

Also at moment you are probably only one who can defeat you :smiley: 2000HP :cry:

How do you tell other peoples HP?

Click to fight (train against really) someone in the ladder (from rating or combat results), click on their character in game.

oh neat. and naw. scobar destroys me in other games… i can’t go head to head with him. there’s a few folks like that

In dueling? I mostly focus on survival, which you own today. :slight_smile: Just caved in for subscription, opened treasure thing but hadn’t even started on it.

yeah treasure grove is pretty all over the place with strategies. There’s people who snare me and haste themselves and beat my pants off… nothing my toon can do but sit there crawling around slowly.

but yeah i meant dueling… theres a number of folks who can decimate me head to head.

A lot of the multiplayer boards strike me as a paper-scissors-rock situation. Any strategy is okay against a third of the other strategies, great against a third, and sucks against a third. Of course, execution and gear are a huge variable in that.

Really appreciate all feedback and ideas on the strategy balance for these multiplayer levels. They are very new, and we really didn’t know what strategies would fall out with all the items and heroes and such. Need y’all’s feedback to balance and enliven them!

For the record my survival strategy is being moderately aggressive. My code will try to kill mobs quickly to reduce incoming damage, but minimize movement, aggressive pursue of mobs, and wasting special attacks needlessly.

The biggest challenge so far was primarily not enough crystals and bulk of top10 people having way way more HP. :slight_smile: Got subscription today and spent most of crystals on good armor piece, that evened HP disbalance a bit.

Looking forward to how it will liven up as folks get to exploring additional classes.

Still… frankly crystals make a huge difference in power. Equipping multiple characters half-decently seems impossible even with subscription. It was a little tough choice do I spend subscription crystals on my fighter (since I am having a blast in survival right now) or save it to explore new characters that got unlocked.