When do I get the fifth boss star?

I just want to know of this just appeared in Ace of Coders for no reason and I can’t get it or if this can be unlocked in a level. Thanx for the help

In Ace of Coders we make sure everyone has the same amount of equipment. The difference between Boss Star 5 and Boss Star 4 is the ability to SUMMON artillery.

Once we get some levels in the glacier that cover controlling artillery, then we can get a level to unlock the Boss Star 5 for public consumption to use in a few levels about summoning artillery.

If you have an idea for a level to make to help get us closer, feel free to check out the Artisan Contribution page: http://www.codecombat.com/contribute/artisan and read on the wiki: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/wiki/Artisan-Home and look at another level to see how they’re constructed: http://www.codecombat.com/editor/level/dungeons-of-kithgard and finally make your own level: http://www.codecombat.com/editor/level

Thanx for help really appreciate it! I do want to summon artillery but they can kind of destroy themselves…