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Nick with Boss Star V?


I just found a replay of Summit’s Gate where Nick is using the Boss Star V, an item that has not yet been released. Was this a testing of the level, of something else? Here’s the replay:


Founding forefathers of this game should get to have most fun :stuck_out_tongue: .

I was randomly thinking about ideas for boss star 5.

Idea - It will be cool to be able to command peasants to ‘repair’ the ‘arrow-tower’ if there is gold available. Cost: 5 hit-points repair per gold (approx).

Another Idea - Items/rings with aura based abilities like increased damage/heal/armor, etc. This can alter the dynamics of battles, especially in tournament.

This thread perhaps can be continued for more such ideas?

Sadly… not any other mind-blowing futuristic items to see in this replay…



Well, Nick is one of the owners of CodeCombat, and where should he test new items when not in existing levels that those items need to be balanced again.

Though you are right, normally he tidies up behind himself after doing so.


Boss Star V is just waiting on a level epic enough to unlock it. Okay, okay, maybe Kelvintaph Defiler (the one that unlocks Boss Star IV) is too hard, but there should be some progression, right? Plus Boss Star V is insanely powerful, so can’t just go around letting anyone have it or even buy it.

As far as me using it before it’s out: see, I gotta take a little taste so I know how much to cut, that’s all I’m saying.

I do want to add repair to the peasants and the higher-level hammers at some point.

By the way, I noticed my solution was failing, so I tweaked it to work again. Kind of shows how powerful the artillery can be on a level with unsuspecting ogres waiting around to be bombed!


As far as I can see, developers are able to run these tests in their dev environments (localhost). May I assume you are running these tests publicly for teasing purposes? :smile_cat:


My localhost just connects to the production database because I’m the ultimate cowboy coder.

And yes, I’m teasing y’all so that you will want the sweet loot and coolest heroes.

[Idea] New types of ogres and heros