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When the game is in java?

When the game is in java?

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You need to be a bit more specific with your question…

If you want to ask when Java will be available in the game, then probably @nick can tell about future plans.


Yeah, java is already in the game, you just go into your heroes’ choosing place (like where you buy heroes) and you go to the bottom left corner and you can change your code to python or java script or whatever.
Hope this helps!:+1:


But I think the game is Java Script by default, actually.
I might be wrong.


Java is not JavaScript :sob:


Java and JavaScript are similar like Car and Carpet are similar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

oops. I’m dumb. Just realized my mistake. sorry.

java is not a choice, although on the codecombat main page, it has the java icon. :frowning:

The team is working hard to add the Java programming language to CodeCombat. The homepage says it is “coming soon”. I believe it is almost ready and they are working on the rough edges. The development team may be able to provide more details.

Have played the game a lot with Python and it would be lovely to play with Java. Only way to play a game at work :slight_smile:

Are there any Beta program that we could join in order to help out with Java version?

According to Nick:

Has there been any update on this? Is the classroom version available in java?

I’m not in classroom and don’t see Java so that probably means that it isn’t out yet. I thought it would be out by now.:disappointed:

Checking in daily to see if any information on the Java version has been posted. It would be nice to have a rough time plan so we know if the Java version will be release this quarter, year or next year. If the plan has been scrapped then that would be nice to know as well.

yea @Coss, I’ve been wanting to learn java really bad. I’ve been playing this other coding game which is not as intuitive at codecombat, but right now it what I got learn. I would also like to get a time frame or if they scrapped it as you said.

Any updates from the devs on this topic?

Any news? Will Java appear?

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I want to let you know that I want to see a version for Java. I would definitely use it for my classroom. I’m mainly preparing kids for the AP computer science test, and I think there would be a lot of value in making a Java version.

Side Question/Comment: If there is a way I can contribute to making this work with Java, can you let me know? I have programming experience, and am willing to help out.

Welcome to codecombat discourse @shazbots. Java is currently not supported yet. If you want to help contribute to this, you can go create a developer environment by running the server in your device, and it’ll host locally. There, you’ll be able to make changes and if the changes are successful, you may send a PR to the master branch of codecombat. Send @Andrew a private message if you want to help with Java.