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Where is io language?

I thought that would be an io compiler

Currently “only” these 4 languages are supported:

More might be coming later though, AFAIK…

I believe the “io” language was removed at some point due to CodeCombat’s implementation of it being too buggy. Someone from the developer team should be able to confirm.
/cc @nick @rob

Yeah, it wasn’t supported in the new interpreter, and the open source contributor who originally created the Io parser never fully finished it anyway, so you couldn’t play more than a handful of levels using it. So we had to drop support for it.

The Java programming language will be coming soon for the classroom version and those with paid subscriptions.

Is Java still coming soon?

Its been 7 months since you posted that, and no updates?

We are thinking about Java for launching with the 2017-2018 school year now (in the fall), since it wasn’t ready in time for last school year. But we may focus on improving existing languages instead. It depends on how much demand for Java there is.

I’ll second the demand for Java. Its what I am currently using in class so I was hoping to have some practice playing the game. I suppose I’ll look back into it next fall. Thanks for the hard work!