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Why does Cross-bones say I lost against the Simple CPU?


Why does Cross-bones say I lost against the Simple CPU? Because i’m in 16th place and when I watch the replay I win.


I’ve noticed this type of thing in Cross Bones too. I played three straight matches against the same opponent and stomped him in one and got stomped in the other two.

The level is very dependent on where and when the coins spawn, especially in the beginning. I have seen opponents go 20 to 30 gold ahead of my total, and I have done the same to other opponents.


Same issue here. Should not the level reply save the RNG seed?
Nothing is really random, if you have the seed you should be able to reproduce the coin spawn pattern.

Other question:
Is there a list of “hidden” levels?
I only realized this level existed because I was looking at the achievements:

##Summary of the levels I found

Google sheet with the list of all released levels:
Go to class, member info and check the list of all the levels you have completed. If you have less than the number of levels in the google sheet, click the missing level link to unlock it:
Original discourse post:
List of items and levels

Old multiplayer levels (must click on your thang to start codding, click on other thangs to see their properties,click top menu to switch between programmable thangs)

Not yet released new multiplayer levels

Map with level submissions for artisan post:

Past special level competitions (must click on your thang/NPC to start codding)

The level editor also has a large list of levels in various state of completion:

Not working past competitions: (link redirect) (link redirect)

@nick is this info ok to compile?


it wont let me do cross-bones and waka mual. Can you allow me to play?


no. You can’t play. 20