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Windows Dev Setup

Can we do it in Window? just asking.

Yes. Here’s the link to the Windows guide:

Is there a more detailed version for the Windows setup? The npm is giving me some problems. The Dev issues mentions to check the versions, but doesn’t provide which version it should be.

Make sure the Node version is 6.14.4, and the NPM version is 3.10.10.

Honestly, the Windows guide is horrible, as most of CoCo devs use Mac(Including Nick). @Andrew is the best person to ask for the Windows Setup(He knows a lot about Windows Setup. I don’t have much experience with Windows, but you can ask me for help on Mac Setup.

I dont know too much as I also develop on mac. We have recently updated to node 8.
Thus, many tricky dependencies have been updated. Node-sass is still a dependency that requires manual installation following their instructions.

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Oh, man. Seems like mac setup has a lot of good details that can possibly be converted to Windows CL. Is there anyone on the team who can write a better guide for Windows Setup? All the guide tells you is what to install and what commands to run. I’m sure we’re missing lots of info.