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Yak Heist - Adventurer Feedback


This level is great but because of the probability theory, there is a chance that when you submit the level that a name you choose from one of the yaks in a normal run might be big.


You have to be a bit more elaborate than that…

On the other hand, it’s again a simple, but witty and fun level, with a meaningful concept. The sample code should be updated a bit though:

    # Check if the yak is:
    # The distance is closer than the current 'closestDist' AND
    # The size is bigger than the 'avgSize'.

Oh, and array.length is not really used in python AFAIK – use len(array) instead…


Because the names for yaks are recycled, you have to choose a yak and put its name into the say command. Because there is no delay in the time you can submit the level, you can keep pressing submit and eventually you will get a yak with that name you picked from the group that is a good size. It might would help to put a delay on the submit button but that wouldn’t matter if you have been testing what the commands should actually look like running the code instead of submitting it.


I’m not sure I understand you correctly, but you’re supposed to write an algorithm here:

  • to calculate the average size of yaks,
  • then find the closest yak that is bigger than the average

Yes, you can hardcode a yak’s name and keep submitting until you get lucky, but that’s not the point of the level…


Yes, I know that the point of this level is for you to write an algorithm, but I like finding exploits for the developers to fix if they feel that the level should be harder to beat.