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Slumbering Sample - adventurer feedback


It’s too simple after the “hunt begins” and “yak heist” levels, and it doesn’t fit in the “story” either – Senick is after the burls, not the yetis, right? Apart from that, it could be a fun level, just add a bit more content.

Furthermore, the sample code (in python) is missing.


They yetis have a purpose, but that isn’t revealed just yet!

The progression is to teach average, and the final step in the progression is the have the player write the average function from scratch, as a ‘mastery’ level. I expect the players to be able to type the whole program without any assistance. If you found it too easy, that’s good! But I don’t think you’re exactly our target demographic :wink:


The Python comments aren’t showing for me. Also, I’m wondering whether this level should be in an earlier CodeCombat world. Great level, though!


Yeties automaticaly dying at the beginning, is it right?


They’re sleeping. Zzz


Need to add to description minimum requirements for the glasses.