3 questions, last campaign level?, multiplayer grayed , hide level?

3 questions

  1. which is the campaign last level
    ice world is unlocked?

2)why “multiplayer games” grayed again ?
(Zero Sum)
(Multiplayer Treasure Grove)
(Cavern Survival)

and Dueling Grounds, still red?

  1. in the desert(second image) a hide level?

added =
“nobody answer”


when you can, can you read my post?"


that’s what I need to do to for unlock it?

  1. If you don’t have all the levels in a campaign, replay the last level(s) that you have been able to do; they should unlock the next ones. We periodically run scripts to make sure everything is unlocked that should be, but sometimes new levels aren’t unlocked properly for a while.
  2. If you want a red flag for multiplayer maps, make sure to win a match (pressing submit) with both humans and ogres so that both of your sessions for that level are marked complete.
  3. You have to beat the other premium level right to the right of it to unlock that level.

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