Zero Sum Not Completing

I beat the sample AI and I submitted it, I won. It brought me to the ladder, but when I went back to the map, the flag was still grey. Does anyone know why?

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That happened to me as well.

@ChronistGilver Do you know if there is any levels that are unlocked by Zero Sum?

I’m pretty sure here aren’t any.

It says there are 28 levels in Cloudrip Mountain, but I only counted 21 including subscriber levels.

I think that 29 also includes levels in progress.

If it is still gray try submitting it again

Already tried that. Still gray.

you might need someone to simulate it before it will register so wait a little

@Feinty I’ve waited like a week now, still nothing… :frowning:

Im sorry I don’t know what to tell you maybe @nick will be able to help you

Yeah, I hope he comes. This is an important bug. Thanks for your help though! :smile:

@EnchantedAndroid I just unlocked the next level (Hunters and Prey) for you; sorry about that, it was created after you played the level that is supposed to unlock it, and I hadn’t retroactively fixed the unlocks yet.

@nick Thanks!!!
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I’m reporting also that I still have some multiplayer level that became grey after they’ve been completed long time ago. (greyed a week or so ago). I tried to resend them, send them as ogre etc… but to no avail. I didn’t mind as it doesn’t affect the game overall, but as long as I bump this post, might as well report it. (Specifically : Cavern Survival, Treasure Grove and ZeroSums. Although ZeroSums seems right now, but wasn’t a week ago).