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Level after Multiplayer Treasure Grove


Hey, I was wondering what the level is after the Multiplayer Treasure Grove… the level it is directing me to is “Boom and Bust”, but when I try to play it, I realize that is is only available for donators.

Any suggestions?



The multiplayer levels are optional and shouldn’t unlock any more in the campaign progression. Try repeating the previous level.
If you’re really stuck, you can also play not-yet-unlocked levels by visiting their URL.


workaround: You need to zoom in to be able to click/access/activate the first forest level: defense of plainswood.

Here’s the video showing how:


@pleabargain Your video is an excellent bug report, nice work!

I believe there are two issues here:

  • The clickable area of the “suggested”/“highlighted” level is too big (or the levels are too close to each other).
  • The game should not suggest levels that the user is unable to play (e.g. subscriber-only levels to non-subscribers).

@nick WDYT?

No longer able to progress. No new missions indicated

Great video! Sorry about that; we just switched to a new forest map and things got crowded, especially with the insane amount of forest levels we have been making lately. Cat just fixed the overlap here by moving those levels further apart. We’re also going to turn off the code that makes the next level dot so big in these crowded maps so that they won’t take up as much click area.