A message to the young ones out there (like me)

A.I. league. A place CRAWLING with older (11-open) players. If you are like me, (0-11) DON’T GET DISCOURAGED, age doesn’t matter, what matters is skill, all humans can learn the same thing, no matter the age, so if you guys are feeling like you would get DEMOLISHED by the older players, that YOLO (you only live once) it, who knows? You could be the all time champion!


(side note i do know this is a junk topic but i feel like that some people get discouraged)


Yeah, this kinda is a junk topic, but ima just add to it:
I got top 10/20 in mages might (when it ended) while being in 0-11 (but I also got first in 0-11 by quite a bit… so I suppose that’s just me, but idk)

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In some ways this is needed. I wish there was people like you @riticmaster908 when I was doing CodeCombat AI League to support me to try and beat these other people who may be better than me, But there wasn’t. And yes I agree with my sole purpose: These Leagues are meant to challege us and we have to find the support we need from ourselves and no one else can encourage us to do anything different but they can influence us to make the wrong choices. But please, keep trying to encourage people @riticmaster908 . If you ever need more help, I am there for anyone who wants help or support.