A player with boss star v?!

How is this possible??

Pls tell me how i can get it

You can’t get it. You can just use it for that specific level.

Not true.

I don’t know how that’s possible… I don’t know of any way to get boss star V, I don’t think you can get it…

Oh well my mistake. Sorry about that. My next best guess than is that the player hacked in a boss star V since it’s been done before.

I’ve checked that user’s profile and I saw this:

Look at the wand, it’s an unreleased item and you can’t get it anyhow without hacks or being admin so that means that person is a hacker or an admin.

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If you want to screenshot and hide your tabs, there’s this cool app called greenshot- Oh, wait. Or use windows Snipping Tool app (pre-downloaded) and select the area that you want to screenshot, then upload the screenshot from the screenshot’s download location (Downloads or Desktop by default I think)

Or just use a Chromebook and use the extra features for screenshots there (lol)
Or just go into fullscreen (using F11 or the fullscreen button on a Chromebook)
Or just crop it out
Or just… you get my point…

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Oh, yeah, there’s that too :slight_smile:

thanks guys. i was wondering how in the coding world did he get that? :smile: