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A Relatively Irrelevant Question About Sand-Yaks


I have decided that I would like a sand-yak as an avatar, specifically that great head-on ‘angry sand-yak’ head you get when you click on a sand-yak in the window. I tried using Chrome’s developer tools to snag it, but couldn’t figure it out. Any ideas?


As an avatar for discourse?

If so, click on the sand-yak in a level, right click on the head, and click Save image as.

Hope this helps!


When I try that, I only get the frame around the head (thang_avatar_frame.png), not the head itself.


I actually just inspected the code (in “Stranded In the Dunes”) more at length, and ended up searching through all the loaded .png images (when the page had the image of a sand-yak loaded), which gave me the pictures of all of my items, and the classic head shot of Alejandro, but no sand-yak. Could the avatars for enemies and allies be stored in a different data type?


In that case, I really don’t know what to tell you! @nick can help you!

Sorry :frowning:


Well, if I can’t have sand-yaks, at least I can have the frame. (See new avatar. Edit: my avatar was an empty frame for a month… but see next post.)

Maybe it’s modern art.


At last! Victory is mine! (And it’s an ice yak, to celebrate the glacier…)


Great job @Shmoogy! (Post must be at least 20 characters)