About 16 more days until Usara is released!

It is because difference of the date between the biography for Illia and the actually release date is 17d. So, I predict that Usara is going to come out 17d after the biography. And 1d has gone. So 17 - 1 = 16 (kindergarten math)

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Man… I have only 16 days to release the next 4 - 5 chapters!


I can help you in PMs if you want :wink:

Thanks but I have already planned what will happen in the next chapters. You can PM me if you want to hear what I have planned!


hey @Code_Master we don’t know exactly when Usara will be released so we can’t be certain. CodeCombat will announce it when it is released and the date


Probably not December. Maybe February? Things are really busy and we’re focusing on other areas right now.


like ozaria?(20 char)

Thanks a lot @Chaboi_3000, that has saved me some time and worry.