Is Usara going to be really worth it?

I saw a few posts saying that she might outplay Nalfar and Rictic in some levels. I have been hoarding gems for her and I am now thinking I should just buy Rictic.

Ooh, I’m not sure. Look at Nick on Dueling grounds, she’s pretty powerful. Nalfar-sacrifice is also very powerful, but it’s the only tactic which is that powerful with him, whereas with Usara I think there’d be lots of room to experiment with all her abilities.

Anyway, she is very cool so I am fine even if she is bad

I am ahead in one of the dueling grounds and @Chaboi_3000 is using her and I am ahead of him. I think she will come in handy for some situations.

I am quite conflicted, I know how good rictic is and am not sure id Usara will be worth it.

Also, will there be a best hero for each class?

would it possible for you to save up for Usara after buying rictic?

Hey, thats not a bad idea

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Thats the most obvious thing ever how dumb am I?

yeah so If you will have enough gems to buy Usara you probably should just buy ritic

whenish is she being released|?

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Your not dumb. You probably never though of it

I am pretty sure somewheere in 2021

I will probably be able to do both

And do you get subscriber gems?

I dont know
i am not a subscriber

Ok thanks for helping anyway

Everything you get in CodeCombat Premium:

  • Receive bonus gems to buy gear, pets, and heroes

So maybe I will get bonus gems

For what? That is the main question)