Fight Usara Now!

As Usara’s release is drawing near, we are more than happy to let players get their first impression on Usara. Do you think you have what it takes to defy Usara’s mind-boggling magic? Play now!


Wow! Usara’s really strong! She has super cool abilities!

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Ritic is just too good however. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me: Alrighty, Usara only has 300 health! I can rush her and kill her really fast!
Usara: Power Swap!
Me: Ah…why is she at 5000 health…? I don’t think I can rush her anymore… At least its not permanent… I think Chaiboi said something about her health, damage, and speed gains being temporary.
Usara: Nope! It last forever!

She looks like a very exciting champion to play against :slight_smile:


She summons robo bombs?
I coudn’t beat her with Senick!

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Why can’t I cast invisibility? @Chaboi_3000

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Hmm… Ursara is so powerful that I need 2 hours to do this properly before I give my verdict. How does she go from 300hp to 5000? And she summons burls and yetis and skeletons! From just 20s of watching I can tell that she really lives up to the title ‘master wizard’.

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How do you defeat her without Ritic

Electrocute her, then throw with sparkbomb

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One skeleton has 5000 in the beginning, but she powerSwap() with it.


Btw, @Chaboi_3000
It’s real to “command” her.

enemy = hero.findNearest(hero.findByType("master-wizard"))
if enemy:
  enemy.powerSwap(hero.findNearest(hero.findByType("skeleton", hero.findEnemies())))

And she will be again with 300 health.

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do you get gems for completing level. (answer no)

Yeah. I didn’t get gems when completed it. Unfortunately…

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I know. I will do the same but with Senick and invisibility, but invisibility doesn’t (didn’t) work. I completed the level by throwing sparkbomb to her.

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When I’m trying to cast invisibility I see:

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Weird. I just added a workaround patch to prevent this.


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Just out of curiosity, when will usara (not ursara) come out?

Usara will come out once all of the art is complete. Also her name is “Usara”, not “Ursara”.