About CodeQuest 2023

When i upload my code,

i can’t find a player to fight and show my rank.
Can someone tell me what happend?
Is that a bug?

pls don’t ping nick. but it just takes a while to get matches

i met the same problem last time and i found that was because i used the wrong account
maybe u can check this

dontp ing NICK HES BUSY im in the comp too

Me too also in the comp

NVM that’s my another account

Welcome to the discourse! This a cozy place to chat and talk! Good luck here!

Ok here’s the thing message the people hosting this competition we are not the people you should ask get help form people you should ask

well thank u from this account
it’s my clone

yea it’s meeee
(20 chars almost forgot)

Sorry, but alt/clone accounts aren’t allowed on the discourse.
Could you please delete one of your accounts?
(@Tsaibow / @NHJH20501 )

Not delete just don’t use

one was my friend’s but that person stopped using
i will delete one later

You can’t delete them you just have to pick one to use and forget about the other one or give it to someone

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ok i’ll do that
20 chars

i gave it to my sister

She in the comp? Too?

no she’s not that powerful
she joined codecombat a few days ago

…OH damn lol 20 CHARS

why damn???
that’s quite normal