Bot accounts in Blazing Battle?!

What the heck is this? Somebody figured out how to beat me and they created a bunch of spam accounts and took my score down by 1000 so I am in 10th place. All the spam/fake accounts have the same code, and they all start with SES_(random name). Please delete these or something because this must go against some type of guidelines.


Contact support and welcome to these forum.


hmm that does seem strange… :mag:
@Chaboi_3000 any idea?
it might be like a school clan or something

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the support is

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This is the reason. I think they’re school accounts. There were many similar usernames (with different prefixes) in Battle of the Red cliffs (the codequest tournament).
They’re not bots though, I’m sure of that.
P.S. welcome!


So what happened for @Bigfoot is normal???

Yes. Just pretend they didn’t have the same SES at the start. They would just be lots of different users (because they are).
Unfortunately you have just lost against quite a few different people (I can relate :cry:)


No I don’t think so because they are copying and pasting the same code so that must go against some community guidelines.

You know this how? You mean they use the same tactic. You can’t know they’re using the same code.

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He has a point if they have the same code this could not be a school

They build the same exact towers every time!

But even if it was a school they probably sent the code out to the whole class and they are not learning anything therefore this would go against the guidelines because this is also plagiarism

So do a lot of people though. People are copying each others tactics.
However, I’ve just tested a few people and they use completely different towers so I’m not exactly sure what you mean…

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Idk they had the same towers for me

Any way @Deadpool198 I think you “solved” this
so umm should this stay open or are you gonna close it?

This isn’t exactly solved since we still don’t know what happened

SES_Edward.Winstanley (11th place)
SES_Thomas_Sirignano (119th place)

Their towers are completely different. And they are for other SES people as well.


I keep getting random loses from people that have weird names, not just the SES accounts like ELISAD, and ETHANG40. I think we might be dealing with a hacker or something.

Nah probably not a hacker.
The thing is if they were hackers you wouldnt have won some games to the people.
for example
do you see how you have some wins to the SES people?
cuz if they were hackers I dont think that they would lose on purpose :grin:

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Also another thing the have names after SES so this might be a school thing.