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Undefined! Even if I reset


With the hover, I always get undefined. Even if I just reset to the code normally used in Dungeon Arena, I tried on multiple computers. Made sure I had no errors in the code, I even reset to the default. No idea whats going on.


I would really appreciate if someone reading this, and his is happening to you could confirm that it does. I find it weird if its an problem unique to me.


I just checked this and it happens to me too. Seems like a big with the hover debugger. It seems to be only affecting Dungeon Arena though.

You should submit an issue on github!


I hear you on that. @schmatz is continuing to fix more and more problems with the hover debugger; we will try to restore this functionality in all cases early next week (plus add some new, awesome features to it).


Thank you very much for the reply! I can’t wait :smiley: I have been having alot of fun with this game, and thinking about ways to improve is alot of fun!


Yep, I’ll definitely keep this in mind and keep you updated!