Account in Codecombat, who can help

Hello everyone, I wanted to learn how to program, but due to the fact that I live in a weak country, there are no suitable cards for payment, and there is not enough money. Can someone lend an account to use? Suddenly, someone has already passed completely or simply does not use it anymore

hello im pretty sure that you can play codecombat without premium

Uh, you already made a topic on this. Like cheddar said, you can play without premium, but you just don’t learn as much

О, вы уже создали тему по этому поводу. Как сказал Чеддер, можно играть и без премиума, но так многому не научишься.

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Yes, I completed the free levels, but I would like to experience the feeling of allergies. So if it’s not difficult for anyone, please lend a premium account :slight_smile:

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