Can't Get Into Premium CodeCombat



My mum bought the $99 lifetime access package for CodeCombat several months ago; I haven’t been playing it for a while and I can’t get it back.

Can you please tell me what to do now?



How do you mean? Also @maka can probably help


@SuperSmacker I can’t access my Premium CodeCombat account.


what happens when you try to log in? Can you post a screen shot?


Does it block you? Or have you just forgotten your username or password?


@MunkeyShynes, no, it keeps asking me to pay and subscribe for the $99 lifetime access again.

@Enderlord832, yes, I have forgotten my username and password.


do you remember the email address that was used to sign up? You can enter that as the username and try a password reset.


That’s what I did, it’s still the same. And I can’t play the Web Development or Games Development because it’s either mistaken, or I have the wrong account.
(And as I said before, my mum already paid for the premium.)


@Eden - Email - we will need your username / email address and may also need some information about how you purchased.

Don’t post that info here.


Okay, thank you @maka!