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Ace of Coders can't submit as blue: both players freeze while a yak kills the red player


In Ace of Coders, I’ve tried to play as blue, but no matter what level/character I choose to play against, the enemy player has a red “X” under him and my character freezes even though my code for blue is the same as my working code for red(My ranking for red is 11, if that matters any). A yak comes from the top left corner and attacks the enemy player several times, killing him, but the submit for ranking button is greened out(it’s the darker green, which means you can’t click it) so that I can’t click it to submit my code. I assume that I’m unable to click the submit for ranking button because the enemy hero is killed by a yak and I never actually attack him.



Hi Justin,
This is a known error which involves the enemy player using outdated “loop” statements rather than a while true loop. It happens to everyone, as far as I can see, on all the multiplayer levels.
Here’s a link to the topic where it was first reported.
And the github bug issue page.
It has been given the “bug” title, but no further action has been taken yet.
:lion: :lion: :lion:


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