Ace of Coders- Do I ever get it marked as complete?

I submitted my code for the ace of coders, and I waited for the tournament to be done, thinking I would get a red flag for it (complete) when it was over and everyone was ranked, but I didn’t. Is that right? does it ever get marked as finished? do I get gems for ranking? Last I checked I was ranked #52 on the blue team. Anyone have any idea?

You would need to submit your code (and win) against the computer AI to get a red flag. Otherwise there might be an issue.

No gems earned in multiplayer arenas at this time, maybe in the future they will come up with a way to give gems for them.

I’ve got this level marked as complete, but didn’t earn the achievement:

I’ve tried resubmitting, as well as entering the level from the ladder so I could pick the “Simple AI” opponent, and yet the achievement did not unlock.

Is this a bug? Perhaps this is because the “submit” action works differently in this level? That is, it “submits for ranking” in the background without running a visible simulation when you press “Submit”, so it doesn’t trigger the achievement completion? Or am I doing something wrong?

Yeah, the Simple AI achievements aren’t working yet, especially Ace of Coders is weird. I will continue to work on them.

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