Ace of Coders points system question

how does the points system work???

Oh umm this is just my perception if there’s a mistake pls correct me :thinking:. The pointage might be different tho :person_shrugging:. Let’s say if you win you get 100 points, If you lose you get 0, and if you tie you get 50.

P.S The pointage system is the same for every other multiplayer :smile:.

It’s like an ELO or MMR system, where each match you play updates the estimate of your strength and lowers the uncertainty of your strength, together which form your score. Let’s say you beat a player much stronger than your current rank–you’ll gain many points. If you beat a player much weaker than your current rank, you’ll gain a very small number of points. Inverse for losses: lose to someone weaker, lose many points; lose to someone stronger, lose few points.

The implementation of the math is open source here.


ah. So i just have to keep changing my code to get a better score. Thanks!

That’s a nice system.