Wakka Maul Points

So basically I found out that the higher your rank, the less you get from beating the same lower ranked players. I want to know that do you get more points by beating higher ranked players in the global leaderboard (On a school account) or is it normal for points accumulation to decelerate once you have more points?

Hi @WAKKAMAUL! Welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse! This is a safe place to chat and ask for level help. Before you begin your journey, could you please go through our rules that make this discourse an awesome place? It helps us all :grin: We hope you enjoy your stay!!

Also I’ll not familiar with so, are you asking about a level, or is it something not related to code combat?

It’s a old areana that is only available in schools and through a Link


The school account shouldn’t make a difference in the points you get; but I don’t think many people know the exact formula used. In my experience you will get more points the higher rank your opponent is, but I’ve also found that if you lose to someone and then beat them afterwards your rank will go up significantly as well, even if the person is much lower than you.