Matchmaking Sorcerer's Blitz

I feel like the new update for sorcerer’s blitz has quite a lot of bugs. Like shouldn’t you be 17th if you have 16 losses instead of 60th. How can it be that you play multiple times the same opponent? There can be some other bugs but I only know of these 2.

cause you didn’t get enough wins yet is the reason

I dont completly get it because i now have 88 wins and 4 losses is it so competitive?

Actually, you get points for winning, but lose points for losing.

Ok let’s think about our theory @MarcusL123.
I(Joaquim_2009) have 10 losses and 82 wins and 7248 points so 88(7248/82=88) points for each win and -88 points for losing a match. Imagine if have zero losses i would have 7248+880=8128 not the 10 000 points stanley30203 so I’m not sure this is the exact algorithme

Talk about some crazy math!

also it doesn’t show all of your losses so you could have had more losses

The matchmaking is very loosly explained would you have a more in depth explenation for these bugs(features)

in a case like this is the winner purelly luck based shouldn’t it be a drawCapture

It ends up like this


The red team seems to lose health first after 120 seconds, probably because the leaderboard can’t display ties.

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i have tie i see my log and sometimes theres ties

me too (200000000000 chars)