Advance as a beginner


I’m using CodeCombat to teach my son (11y) to program and he really loves the game. He loves it that much that he almost completed the complete Dungeon campaign.

I tried to find more basis levels, but this seems to be a hard thing to do. It seems impossible to find other levels via the home screen. I found extra levels via google, but there, I seem to be unable to find the difficulty level.

Is there a way to find ‘easy-isch’ levels to give to my son? Things he could start on one he completes the forrest campaign (probably very soon :slight_smile: )

Thanks for building this great site!


There’s which has its own old beginner campaign. The stuff outside of that campaign (and a few of the user-created levels) gets much harder, though. I think the best bet will be for him to do the five new levels a week that we produce, which pretty soon should include some sweet multiplayer arenas that should be pretty replayable.