"Unlocking" Levels that you have passed already

I just realized there are so many new levels for the campaign. Occasionally I’d see a few pop up in a facebook post. A few days ago I was looking for one and realized only maybe one in five CodeCombat post show up in my feed.

I’ve realized that resubmitting certain previous levels will give me access to the new level, or I can go threw each facebook link. Is their any way to show me all the levels available in the campaign?

Try this post. I am working on an updated list but its not finished.

Erm… my lists are mostly up-to-date. How about you submit your suggestions as comments?

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@ant Sorry about that. I didn’t realize you were updating actively! I think I pulled the list a few months back. I should take a look again and compare.

Thank you both for all the work and information

Im a student and i have completed the first 18 levels of introduction of computer science and when i want to progress to more levels (if there even is on this version) i would like to know how as instead of showing more levels it just says play waka maul? Please help mew this issue D:

Hmm, looks like your on the classroom version, on the classroom version, your teacher chooses which levels you do, so you’ll have to ask your teacher

There’s only up to 18 levels + Wakka Maul in the introductory course.