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How Hard is Codecombat? The survey question IMO is somewhat loaded


I feel like this question is a little loaded, because you have to see where the player/user is currently at in relation to the question. Anyone elses thoughts?


when I was newbie to code, I was struggling maybe in desert levels. CodeCombat give a task but not really teach. It mostly challenge you to show your skills. IMHO


Interesting. I personally think it helps me build confidence and maintain a fun environment with the real time window on the left side. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


Codecombat isn’t that hard if you already know how to code or if you go through all the levels. It was really easy for me as a nube because they already gave you the coding you just had to put it in the right order.


I actually haven’t finished the entire course yet, so I can’t say whether or not it’s easy or difficult.


The first part is easy but after the forest it gets harder and harder.


Right. That’s why I thought the question at the bottom was kind of too general, because any player could be at any point of the game, haha.


Yeah but any question is a good question.