Advanced Level Editor Guide

Hi, this is an advanced level editor guide
This will cover multiple hard topics.
API Changes:
Custom Boss Stars
Summoning Custom Entities
Custom Missiles
Adding CommandAbleTypes to a player’s boss star only in your level:
Adding custom methods to a player’s boss star: like ['cleave or ‘bash’]
API Changes.

To change a thang’s API, go to programming.hasAPI.
To create custom types, like lets say, sharpshooter, and you want to change an archer to a sharpshooter, simple go to it’s API, scroll down, and change it’s type, to ‘sharpshooter’.
The reason why you use paladin.canCast(“spell”) is because, it has can cast in it’s API.
If you want to investigate, click here.

Scroll down to it’s API.
For lets say, a witch, it does not have canCast in it’s API, so, if you already know how to change a witch’s alliance, and add it to your CommandableTypes, simply put CanCast into it’s API methods.
How to copy a level:
Use a computer, and click the down pointing arrow on the top right.
Click Fork.
Custom Boss Stars:
If you want to be able to summon warlocks, follow these steps.
Go your Hero Placeholder:
Click add components.
Add an existence.Builds, and an existence.Spawns
Add a buildables folder, with the plus button.
Type in Warlock.
You will see , a required thangTypes, and a buildcooldown. Add a gold cost.
Set it to whatever you want.
Go to the required ThangTypes, and type in Ogre Warlock.
Go to existence.Spawns, then type ogre warlock.
If you want to command it, add a component called programming.Commands.
Add commandable Types, then type in warlock.
If you want to command it to cast spells, add a cast in the commandable methods.
Please bare in mind, that the warlock does not have canCast in it’s api, unlike the paladin.
So, if you want to command warlocks, we go into our third topic.
To summon a warlock with canCast, follow these steps.
Add a warlock into the level.
Change it’s alliance to nuetral.
Go to it’s API methods and add canCast, and findFriends, if you want it to cast grow on you.
Then, go to existence.Exists
Set that to false, and rename the warlock to something like warlock_t
Then go back to your hero placeholder, and delete the ogre warlock from your existence.Builds. Do the same for your existence.Spawns.
Add a ThangTemplate, and type “warlock_t” without the quotes into the box.
Put warlock into your programming.commands if you haven’t already.
Add cast into your methods.
Test the level, and type in hero.summon(“warlock”)
Congragulations, now you can make custom boss stars, and summon custom entities.
Why stop at there?
In several of my games, have added completely unorthodonix ogres, like the Night Witch.
Those don’t exist in normal CoCo, but in my level, they do, thanks to ThangTemplates.
The level is yours, to do whatever you like. Heck, you can even follow the steps above, and make a warlock that summons 50000 skeletons at a time, 5000000 attack dmg, 320320390239 health, and costs 1 gold.
Custom Methods
These are easy.
Lets say, you followed the custom entities step, made a soldier, let it cleave and bash, and called it a knight, by changing the type in the API.
Just add knight into your commandable types, then add cleave and bash into your commandable methods.
Bear in mind you must add isReady to the knight’s API, or it won’s work.
Thats it!
Custom Missiles:
If you want to make a ice ranger, that shoots deadly blue missiles, follow these steps.
If you want your ranger to be an archer, get an archer, and place it into the world.
Next, get a water arrow.
Go to the thanglist, then add combat.forceBolt to the components list.
Name the missiles watershot_t
Go to your archer, and go to the combat.shoots.
Delete the arrow.
Go to the missileThangID.
Here is what it looks like:

Level editor, so you can see how it’s done.

Enjoy your new skillz!!!


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