Custom boss stars for your levels!

Hi! I figured out how to make levels where the players get custom boss stars, although they only get it in your level. Go to your level or make a new one. Place a hero placeholder on the map. Go to add new components. Click existence.Builds. Then, click the plus button. Then click build angles. Put in the name for the thing you want. For exaple for warlock, as the name put in warlock. Then click the plus button and there is a gold cost. Put in a number. Then click thang type. Click the enter button, and if you want to make it so you can summon warlocks, put in Ogre Warlock. Then, click existence.Spawns. Then, if you want you can command them. If you want to command them, go to programming .commands, and for thang type warlock. Then play your level and equip ANY boss star. then type in hero.summon(“warlock”) A friendly warlock for you to command will pop out of you!
Step by step instructions:


Thanks! I’ll use this a lot!