[Adventurer] Airdrop


Hi! There is a new level with the powerful pet: Airdrop.

Sorry, I’ve edited it and lost changes. So let’s pretend that there is some interesting text about this level.


As I am not a subscriber, I cannot purchase the Raven and therefore cannot play the level :frowning:
Might I recommend temporarily making the Raven available to all players while this is still an Adventurer level, and then locking it once it is publicly released? Just a suggestion :wink:


Fun level, enjoyed beating it without the peasants!


Yes, it’s possible, that’s why I added “damage dealt” leaderboard there.

Makes sense. I will enable it temporarily. Thanks.



So I am not a subscriber either, but clearly that has been discussed. However once I grab the Raven and then hit play, the level just times out. I can move can go back to the main map, but the game itself, seems to want me to do Airdrop, before I move on. Kind of hard to do that, when it keeps dying.



Sorry, it fixed (maybe you will have to clear cache).

Not sure that I got you. Can you play other levels?


Good Level. Easy to pass.


Thanks. Yes, it’s easy on purpose. It should be a demonstration of flying pets.


Are peasants somehow protected from being sacrificed?
Get the error

Shouldn’t at the line 6 be a comment?


I don’t remember how exactly “sacrifice” works. if it makes a unit “non-exists” then you can use, but if it kills a peasant, then sorry.

Thanks. fixed.


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Level - “Airdrop”.

// Get all swords and protect the village.

function onSpawn (event) {
while(true) {
    var item = hero.findNearestItem();
    //  The pet should fetch the item if it exists:
       if (item) {
        pet.moveXY(item.pos.x, item.pos.y);
        pet.moveXY(22, 34);

// Assign onSpawn function for the pet's "spawn".

pet.on("spawn", onSpawn);

while(true) {

// Guard the left passage: 

var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
if (enemy) {
    if (hero.isReady("cleave")){
    else {
else {
    hero.moveXY(22, 34);}


Why are you reiterating the defense part? Just pop it inside a while-true loop.


I am able to play the levels up to that level, but was unable to advance past it. I will try clearing cache as well…AND signing up with a lifetime membership. I am just going to throw the kitchen sink at it.



pet.fecth item

if enemy
keep left


First, posting your code violates a community guideline rule. It allows other people to copy / paste the code and pass the level without trying. Instead, give little hints.

Second, if you are going to give out code though (which in some cases is okay), please make sure the code is correct. There is no keep left and fecth. The correct way to write it is pet.fetch()


This is the first map I’ve come across getting constant bugs.

I’ve been following through with the entire maps then when getting to this one it just bugs.

The pet fetches all of the swords fine but as soon as the potions start spawning it stops fetching and stands still. At this time I get a random error code:
“Fix your code” Line 18: fetch’s argument item should have type object, but got null. You must specify an item to fetch." It’s highlighting my “enemy” in line 18: hero.attack(enemy).

It’s as if it just randomly starts ignoring the “item = hero.findNearestItem()” and no longer does “enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()”, standing still and dieing.

I’ve also had a lot of problem with him trying to kill the small ogres and running after them instead of the big guys spawning. This results in peasants dieing


I think it’s a bug in your code. I suppose you don’t check

if (item)

Could you show your code?


Thanks, that fixed the problem with the fetch. I never thought about that for some reason.

I’m still getting a problem with my hero running back and killing the small ogres in the south. It just leaves the left side unprotected and big ogres come kill the peasants. They don’t spawn fast enough for the next “hero.findNearestEnemy()” and picks up the small ogre.

Edit: I fixed this problem by adding a distanceTo variable to only attack < 5.


Have you played levels in the forest before like Peasant Protection ? I suppose you should know about usage of distanceTo and how to guard the passage.


I don´t know what I´m doing wrong in my code, but I can not make the hero attack, if I break the codes into smaller pieces everything works fine, but all together it gets stack in the onSpawn function so the hero never goes trigger.

For what I have read above, I can not copy my code, so I hope you can bring me with some ideas of what I´m doing wrong with so little info.