[Adventurer] Area of Yetis

One more “demo” mountain level about the area of circles: Area of Yetis

Use the power of the ancient lost skill of the Yetiborn and defeat yetis.

For python players: math.pi doesn’t work, so you have to use Math.PI or just 3.14 :slight_smile:


no bugs in main part

imho dps check too strict even for rdd
potential of part of skeletons is wasted
at least 45 sec
so you can scratch them somehow
but it leave potential for improve in the same time

Sorry, I didn’t get about the skeletons.

Its about the damage leaderboard
As you know there is more skeletons than you can see
But the time is
Not enough even to scratch them
After you finish with visible ones

So if add for example 20 sec
You can at least kill few of them
But not all
So it leave some space for improve

Got it. I’ll check and think how to do better.