[Adventurer] Behavior Driven Development

The level Behavior Driven Development is ready for playtesting!

This level takes place in the Game Dev 1 campaign and introduces the "ogre" unit, and configuration of game unit AI by setting the behavior property.


Great Level! I completed it without encountering any issues, although I do believe that you should put the health potions a little closer to the battlefield so I don’t have to run all the way back when I’m low on health.


I just wish you didn’t have the Don't add or remove anything! That takes away the fun. Just make it, don’t add any teammates or remove any enemies. Then I can try to win with 10 ogres instead of just 3.


Another fun level as always :slight_smile: I just love Game Dev levels! :smile:
Wonder if a Web Dev adventurer level will be released any time soon :grin:
If you didn’t set attackDamage, maxHealth, and maxSpeed to a really high number like 9999999999 and/or spam the world with fellow archers etc., then you’re not normal. Don’t mean to be stereotypical but I’m sure we all just love to have a blast with the hero :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try again :slight_smile: Should only forbid adding allies or removing enemies.