Can't finish behavior driven development stage

Hi all

Im very new to codecombat and programming in general. Im at behavior driven development stage and I think I have done what the tutorial wants me in regards to making all the characters behave as they want and I defeated the ogres and skeletons but I can’t finish the level for some reason.

Here is a screenshot of the code and stage:

I don’t remember if you need to collect the lightstones, but maybe you do.

Tried collecting all the lightstones, did not make a difference

That’s weird. I don’t notice any issues in your code, and your hero did kill all the enemies and survive…

What goes does it say are incomplete in the top-left corner of the play window? “KORER”


It says that archers should defend as the only thing thats checked, I get an error with added or removed friends or enemies even though I have not removed or added anything. The rest is just unchecked.

I also tried to reset the code several times, it did not help.

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I’m running into exactly the same problem.

I may have fixed this, but there may also be a second issue preventing success. Please clear your browser cache and try again - let me know if there are still problems.

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I tried clearing my browser history and resetting my code. I still can’t complete the stage but all my objectives has been marked except winning the game which they did not before.

So something has happened by clearing the browser history.

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Thanks. I’m seeing the same behavior as ct29 is now. I, too am now getting all of the objectives completed except “Win the game”.This was happening both before and after I cleared the browser cache.

I think this is fixed now, finally :slight_smile:


wait how did you fix it


@Mary_Maurer, please do not revive dead topics. And someone’s spamming likes, who’s liked him\her’s post, because I don’t think someone would do that.

@Mary_Maurer do you have the same problem as the people in this topic? If so, please post your code and screenshots of the level, along with more detail about the problem.
@Dragonlouis, don’t you think it would be ok to revive this topic if you had the same issue? They might not, but you should check.


oh yeah were is the proof that someone is spamming the likes :point_up: