[Adventurer] Danger Picklock

The mountain level about circles (area): Danger Picklock

What to do if you don’t have a key, but have some powder? Use it as a key!
Charge the bomb and open (let’s name it “open”) the door.

For python players: math.pi doesn’t work, so you have to use Math.PI or just 3.14 :slight_smile:


this is a good one. thank you)) Robobomb is awesome

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 if (almostEqual(a, b)) {
    }  else {
        hero.say("NOT READY");

it’s easy to mess up with a code and fail the level, when I’m trying to be “creative” =))

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It’s not a good idea to be creative with bombs :wink:

“Blue cord or Red cord? OR! I can make a bird with those wire, it’s so peaceful and artful” BOOM!


Can not understand clearly
How overcharge mechanic working
Some time its work fine
After overcharg bomb at least move on
And do as intended
But most of the time boom on the spot with under 100k damage
And even if I change bomb position so it boom near door
After door down it is not counted

Overcharge setting always same.

Is there are rule
So i will researsh more
Or bug, random involved?

Great level

How do you do it?


hero.moveXY( door.pos.x + 3, door.pos.y );
hero.cast( "swap", bomb );

Got it. So it requires advanced wizards. I’ll fix this cheat.

It’s weird. It should be counted. Because the referee check the door’s health for goal checking.

Could you explain this please?

I think damage is not enough, because the bomb isn’t charge correctly.

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